Preview and Publish Your App

Previewing and Sharing your app

Once you've finished building in Draftbit, it's time to share your app with the world. In this tour, we'll go through the different ways you can share your work.


▶️ Live Preview

Live Preview is the best way to preview a "pixel perfect" version of your app as-you-build.

Live Preview requires Expo↗ on your mobile device.

🖇 Web Publish

Web Publish is great for sharing your app with others. We build your app's dedicated landing page, which comes equipped with iOS and Android emulators.

Web Publish works best with Expo↗, but Expo is not required.


📦 Source Code

Preview your production-ready app source code with the code previewer.

With the code previewer, you can:

  1. Copy screen code & paste it anywhere
  2. Export your entire app project as a .zip file

🚀 PWA Publish

A PWA, or a Progressive Web App, is a native app-like user experience to cross-platform web applications.

To publish your app as a PWA, click the purple 'Publish' button at the top-right of the builder, check the checkbox next to the auto-generated destination, and then click 'Publish Build' to start the build process


You're ready to share your apps with the world!

Need help sharing or exporting your project? Connect with us in the Draftbit Community↗️